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S114 Fireclay Single Bowl Sink With Central Waste

$3,294.00 - MSRP


The smooth, durable body of fireclay sinks is created when the sink is fired at incredibly high temperatures (2,000 degrees Fahrenheit). Solera farmhouse style fireclay sinks bring a classic feel to any kitchen, but can withstand the tests and trails of your busy lifestyle.


All of our fireclay models are reversible, one side fluted and textured while the other side is smooth. The high temperature firing makes fireclay incredibly strong and naturally sound dampening. The apron style installation makes a statement in any kitchen.


We include one custom-fit stainless steel grid with every fireclay apron sink. They feature rubber feet and add an extra layer of protection by preventing utensils or pots and pans from chipping or damaging the finish. The basket strainer features a deeper, perforated metal basket with a handle.


  • Farmhouse-Style/Apron Sink Installation
  • 33" Minimum Cabinet Size
  • All-Natural Materials - Eco-Friendly and Recyclable
  • 1" Thick Bowl
  • Heat Resistant to 550 Degrees
  • Stain Resistant
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Fits Standard 3 1/2" Drain